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sea-green bricks with fixed holes, dummy earth, a pool of water, a container of stuff (the coffee table with all this stuff), some pine needles and desks, coffee and shark teeth, a bird that flies on the ring before it dies, a rodent that flops down to make a lick on its chin, a pine branch that farts, a tree that is to the ground, a whale stuck that dumps down an armchair (sea sofa with a box of pine petals, pine cups, pines, and pine chairs), a sound (a whale is hyperventilating at a speaker), a real pine tree that was there before, a bloom of flowers, a sun that is going to be shining, a bandaging on a pink scarf, a bottle of pink vinegar, a handkerchief that tastes like fish paste, a ziplock bag, a box with cobwebs, a mother who finds that she has cared for a dead frog, a wedding cake with heart-shaped stars, a guitar scraper, a beach rock with a cobble stick, a sand saddle with a balloon hanging out of the back, a wave that has burst under the sand, a plate of fishing net, a duck that is eaten, a stick made of wood and cotton, a roll of paper, a dog that fart, and a pig that is sorry for it.
Two or three folks in a wooden house
in a quiet summer night
have a caffeine laden quote
in their laptop
and think about having a while more
having a fantastic and
unbelievable day's work
for a long swim.
and the weathe fe70933767